Our Approach

Private security has been around practically since the beginning of civilization. In the Anglo-Saxon period, crime prevention and law enforcement were a community responsibility.  Community involvement in apprehending criminals gave birth to the posse that we recall from the days of the Old era and is recognizable today when an individual makes a “citizen’s arrest. “In ancient Greece, a system of protection was developed to protect the monarchy as well as for the protection of highways leading into the cities. So as to Wolf Security identifies its creation to help and protect the citizens apart from the police protection available by the state of law, it is to provide protection at the time of need when an individual at local level requires to be protected with the means of private security.

Wolf Technologies

WOLF Security is fully equipped on following subjects to train any outfit for its security and safety point of view.

  • Emergency Response Management.
  • Fire Fighting and Explosions drill.
  • Security of Parking Lots/Access Control.
  • Use of Modern Electro Mechanical security Gadgetry including Biometric systems.
  • Evasive and Defensive Driving Trainings.

Crisis Management

Members of the Crisis Management Team have completed special training and meet periodically to stay ready to respond appropriately to any crisis. Team members are pledged to confidentiality and may be entrusted with highly confidential information.

Security Planning

As you can see, our Plan not only shows you how to develop, document, and implement a Human Safety and Security Program, it also shows you how to evaluate and improve it. The latter two sections give our Plan a dynamic influence that will help ensure that your Human Safety and Security Program continues to improve over time.

While you will start with a very general plan, you’ll end up with a very specific Human Safety and Security Program, one that will meet your unique human security needs.
In order to work with our Human Safety and Security Plan, you need to understand a few simple concepts and definitions.

  • Security Threat 
    • A security threat is a potential hazard. A threat does not actually exist as a real event or object. It’s not an actual danger. It’s only a potential danger. It’s still very important; it just doesn’t exist in the usual way. It exists as an idea, not as an actual event or object.
  • Security Hazard
    • When a security threat turns into reality, it becomes a hazard. When a security threat is actualized or becomes real, it becomes a security hazard. However, at this point, people have not yet been harmed. While people may have been exposed to a hazard, it’s only a potential disaster, not an actual disaster.
  • Security Disaster
    • When people actually come into direct contact with a hazard, you’ve got a real security disaster. You’ve got a situation in which people have experienced serious misery and suffering, or loss of life.

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