About Us


Private security has been around practically since the beginning of civilization. In the Anglo-Saxon period, crime prevention and law enforcement were a community responsibility. Community involvement in apprehending criminals gave birth to the posse that we recall from the days of the Old era and is recognizable today when an individual makes a “citizen’s arrest.” In ancient Greece, a system of protection was developed to protect the monarchy as well as for the protection of highways leading into the cities. So as to Wolf Security identifies its creation to help and protect the citizens apart from the police protection available by the state of law, it is to provide protection at the time of need when an individual at local level requires to be protected with the means of private security.

Mission Statement

Wolf Security’s mission is to provide security solutions tailored to the individual, Business or Companies requirements, to the highest quality through the provision of a reliable and dedicated service – dispensed by an equally experienced and dedicated management team.


Team of dedicated professionals includes some of the most highly qualified and best trained experts in the security industry. Wolf also have a fully functional and fully independent “Executive Protection and VIP Security” Unit known as “SHEEP DOGS”. All personnel recruited by the Company to work as bodyguards in this division are former members of the Special Services Group (Commandos) of the Pakistan Military and are well schooled in the latest close protection techniques and anti-terrorist techniques, having had the experience of protecting local and foreign dignitaries in their military careers. They are all in peak physical condition and are experts in counter- terrorist tactics, unarmed combat and covert surveillance.

Wolf Management

The company’s executive, operational management and senior consultants are combat veterans of the PAKISTAN ARMY AND SPECIAL SERVICE GROUP. Few of which are listed below;


12 Bore Shot Gun

.30 Calibers and 9 MM