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Private security has been around practically since the beginning of civilization.

In the Anglo-Saxon period, crime prevention and law enforcement were a

community responsibility. Community involvement in apprehending criminals

gave birth to the posse that we recall from the days of the Old era and is

recognizable today when an individual makes a "citizen's arrest."

In ancient Greece, a system of protection was developed to protect the monarchy as well as for the protection of

highways leading into the cities. So as to Wolf Security identifies its creation to help and protect the citizens apart

from the police protection available by the state of law, it is to provide protection at the time of need when an

individual at local level requires to be protected with the means of private security.



Security Industry is expanding rapidly now a days but thier existance is just related to thier professional approach, i feel please while appreaciatin WOLF Security because they never compromise on training and selection at the stage of recuriting.

Asim Hafeez Butt, - Banker,

Once i compare the standards of security services providers working in our country, i always find Wolf's to be the best and trust worthy....

Major (R) Iqbal Ahmed, - EX Military

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