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Employee Background Check

All Wolf Security employees undergo thorough background checks as listed below. Plus, our licensed employees go through an additional fingerprint background check to ensure state and federal compliance, where required.

    Employment verification for the past two years

    Level of education confirmed

    Social Security number and address trace

    Criminal searches through concerned police station by verification performa


is the largest and most updated national database in the Pakistan, containing over millions of records from a comprehensive list of sources including state repositories. Through online facility provided the individual CNIC is verified by NADRA verisys system.

We take your personal security seriously and carefully screen each employee being sent to your home—whether it is for installation, service or consultation.

Wolf Security Home and Business Security Systems

Reliable 24/7 Home Security Monitoring
24-Hour Wolf Emergency Control System
Keep You Safe Around the Clock

A home security system is only as good as the people who monitor your alarms. If an alarm goes off, our Quick Reaction Team will immediately reach at your location and tackle the situation in laid down procedures. Wolf Control Room will be monitoring the action along with passing on information to local authorities for a rapid response! Our home security monitoring services are the industry gold standard— other security companies outsource their security monitoring to Wolf Emergency Control System.

Physical security addresses design, implementation, and maintenance of countermeasures that protect physical resources of an organization. Most controls can be circumvented if attacker gains physical access. Physical security is as important as logical security

VIP’s Protection

Attack on VIP and political assassinations are affective and highly prestigious,

Death of an opponent practically ends the competition between enemies or rivals by the victory of the assassinators or by those who sent him. The ability to attack a political person means that the political way his supports come to its end. The death of the political leader means change and victory to his enemies. The cheapest and most affective protection is to take the VIP out of reach but as it is not realistic we need to compromise. As in many cases VIP wants maximum exposure and the VIP protection need minimum exposure. The purpose of this document is to present the training program of the security personal and the VIP bodyguard. In this document we cover also aspect of securing any kind of facility as pub and aspect of teaching method. a