Vision Statement
Providing high-quality security services to the commercial sector through recruitment of Ex-Military/quality people; extensive training; use of advanced technology. We seek to establish security for our clients through operational application of risk mitigation resources whose purpose is to deter threats to the workplace.”
Mission Statement
To provide superior security services by always putting the client first; maintaining clear, continuous communication; and remaining true to our guiding principles: Honesty towards our clients, employees, vendors and partners. … Trust, ensuring that our clients and employees can count on us.
Our Values
In our Endeavour to render service we are committed to the following core values:
Professionalism and integrity.
Respect to rule of law.
Honesty & Inattentiveness.

With over 10 years of experience

We Deliver Premium Security Solutions
Wolf Security is operating as a private limited Company in Pakistan across all the provinces as per approval of Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, with N.O.C & approval granted by the Federal Government. Wolf Security is committed to provide complete and realistic Security solutions against all types of threats. Providing services in Corporate Sectors, Business Communities, NGOs and Guarding to Domestic and Foreign Executives and VIPs.

Exceptional Security

One of the primary purposes of a security service is to provide protection – protection for your organization and for its employees. Security professionals need to be sensitive to the needs of the business.

Reliable & Committed

A reliable team is built on reliable players. The three R's of winning teams are Reliable Results and Relationships. Since reliability is so important to daily success, the most important commitment is a high priority for our client.

Year's in Business

History Timeline

We offer best security services in market

We have achieved a Milestone in 2012. Company was registered with securities exchange commission of Pakistan to operate across the country.

Provincial approvals were processed at all levels of Government offices for grant of permission to operate.

Company Established its offices mainly in all the provinces of Pakistan.

Ministry of Interior accorded its all approvals for smooth functioning of the company.

Currently Wolf Security are best Security Services Provider

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